About St. Joan of Arc School


In the spirit of our youthful patron, St. Joan of Arc, our mission is to educate exceptionally, serve endlessly, and dare dreams of the impossible in our welcoming Catholic school community so we manifest God in today’s world.

Belief Statement

We Value Our Children
We see in them their ability to contribute to our present and
we see in them our hope for the future.

We Value Our Parents and Guardians,
who are a child’s first and foremost influential teachers and the child’s primary provider of love, guidance, and protection.

We Value Our Families.
The family is the source of our greatest loves . It is our central and most enduring commitment beyond self.

We Value Marriage,
an equal partnership, based on shared commitment, compromise, responsibility, and love. We believe the sacrament of marriage to be a covenant between a man and a woman, forming a communion of the whole of their lives.

We Value Our Community.
The church, synagogue, mosque, school, workplace, and neighborhood are enriched by strong families.

We Affirm Basic Judeo-Christian Moral Values.
As part of the rich religious heritage we received from our ancestors, we pass on to our children a respect for others and for the law along with the responsibilities of living in a democracy.

We See the Need for Societal Concern,
which strengthens families to realize and build upon Judeo-Christian moral values, forming a cornerstone of the American culture.