Letter From Superintendent Dr. Chadzutko


family reopening letter…7.13.2020


Office of the Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services

Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn

310 Prospect Park West             Brooklyn, New York 11215           718-965-7300    fax: 718-965-7353


July, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians of Catholic Academy and Parish School Students,


Catholic Academies and Parish Schools, within the Diocese of Brooklyn are planning to open in September!  The Office of the Superintendent Re-Opening Task Force continues to work tirelessly to ensure that our students, faculty and staff remain healthy and have access to the most current information.  Moreover, the Diocese of Brooklyn Re-Opening Task Force, led by Chief Esposito, has been most impressed with the thoroughness of the Office of the Superintendent’s Task Force’s comprehensive plan for a successful safe opening of our school buildings this Fall.


Principals have been working diligently, planning for a September re-opening.  The New York State Education Department just recently shared the framework for school reopening plans with formal guidance.  This framework will be disseminated later this week and will serve as a roadmap, providing schools with guidelines, expectations and mandates, to safely open our schools this fall.  We also anticipate receiving information shortly from the New York State Department of Health and the Board of Regents.  The Office of the Superintendent Re-Opening Task Force will continue to share all information with our schools.


Governor Cuomo will be informing us of his final decision on school openings, during the week of August 1-7.   In anticipation of schools re-opening, please know there are essential elements included in all the re-opening plans being developed:


  • Our goal for opening schools is a 5-day a week, in-school model, ensuring that as many students, using social distancing, can safely be in our buildings. We are aware that many buildings cannot accommodate their total student population, in a socially distant way, for a full 5 day Plans are being developed by principals, using alternative scheduling; hybrid learning, combining in-person and remote learning. Although our goal is for a 100% opening, with all participating in 5-day a week instructional plan, government guidelines for health and safety will not allow that to happen at this time.


  • We are deeply committed to ensuring that each Catholic Academy and Parish School continue to provide a loving, nurturing Catholic School environmen We will stand firm on continuing academic excellence. Social-emotional learning and mental well-being has been and will continue to be a priority.


  • The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff will continue to be our number one priority, with enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing protocols, and the implementation of student and faculty wellness checks and symptom screening.


  • We have and will continue to advocate for the many resources our students are entitled to under State and City law, as well as through the local school We will continue to stress that all public-school districts provide a nurse/medical professional to our schools and provide transportation for eligible students. Unfortunately, at this time, we are uncertain if they will be able to fulfill these requirements. We will continue to be persistent in engaging local school districts and lobbying for our students. Further updates on these issues will follow.


We have studied the re-opening plans from around the world, and across our country. We have worked collaboratively with Principals, Pastors and Academy Boards, to envision a re-opening plan that is safe and strong in academics and is Christ-centered.


As we continue to plan for September 2020, we must remember that all plans are based upon information we have presently received, never looking to compromise the health and safety of all.  We will continue to work and plan, accepting changes with patience and common sense.


We thank everyone for their continued support through these unpredictable times and continue to ask for God’s blessings.



Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.

Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services

Prayers and Papal Blessing

“On Friday, March 27, 2020, at 1 p.m. EST, Pope Francis will offer prayers and an extraordinary “Urbi et Orbi” Blessing for the world’s Catholics. The Holy Father stated, “I invite everyone to participate spiritually through the means of communication.” Live coverage begins on NET-TV at 12:45 pm. The coverage includes reflection from the Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn, on the significance of this Papal blessing and what it means for us. NET-TV can be seen in the New York City area on Spectrum (Channel 97), Optimum (Channel 30), and FIOS (Channel 48)”.

Press Release From The Diocese of Brooklyn 3/16/2020 3:00PM

Diocese of Brooklyn Announces Catholic Academies and Parish Schools

Will close until at least April 20, 2020


Superintendent of Schools Thomas Chadzutko, Ed. D., has announced today all elementary Catholic Academies and Parish Schools in Brooklyn and Queens will remain closed until April 20, 2020. This follows last week’s announcement that the schools would be closed this week, March 16-March 20, 2020, out of an abundance of caution. The decision mirrors the New York City public schools announcement made last night. 


“The decision to close is based on the interdependency of services between public schools and Catholic schools,” said Dr. Chadzutko.


Many families that attend Diocesan schools depend on the New York City services such as bus transportation, meals, nurses, and crossing and security guards.


“If there was a safe way for us to open sooner, we would, but we cannot function without those essential services,” said Joan McMaster, Associate Superintendent for Principal and Teacher Personnel.


The latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control is to restrict gatherings of 50 or more people. Clearly, the school environment would be in violation.


The contingency pandemic plan, which is part of the Office of the Superintendent school crisis management plan, includes digital, distance and alternative instruction for students so that their education is not disrupted. A complete transition to that model of instruction will take place this week.


The Office of the Superintendent is in daily communication with city and state officials and is part of the Coronavirus Education Task Force of the NYC Department of Education. During this time, there is a constant reassessment of the situation and the necessary response in an effort to keep our school community safe.

Letter From Mr. Corso 3/16/2020

March 16, 2020

Dear Parents,

 I hope you and your families are safe. It is a very strange time right now. I have never seen anything like this, and I hope that it goes by quickly. I am trying to keep up with all the information and pass it along as soon as I get it. At this time, the Superintendent’s Office of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens is meeting to decide the length of time that schools/academies of the diocese will be closed. I will send you the information as soon as I receive it.

            We have been asked to begin distance learning for the students of St. Joan of Arc. We will be taking a two-pronged approach to achieve this. First, we will be posting all assignments/homework on the school’s website.


The assignments will be posted under the Class Pages tab on the right side of the webpage. Click on your teacher’s name and the assignments will be posted daily. Secondly, we will also be taking daily attendance. This is  for accountability purposes to the federal, state and city governments. To accomplish this, teachers will be using Class Dojo and Google Classrooms. The teachers and I are having a professional day, today, to set these things up. Grades PreK-3 to 2 will be using Class Dojo. Grades 3 to 8 will be using Google Classroom. Using these two applications teachers will be able to take attendance, communicate with students, and answer questions regarding the assignments. Parents in PreK-3 to 2 will be receiving invitations to their parent emails to sign up for Class Dojo. For Grades 3 to 8, students already have username and passwords. They use these each week during Technology Class. The username is their first name and last name (as one word) @sjaschoolny.net

If students are having difficulty logging you can email our Technology teacher, Mrs. Lauterbach at jlauterbach@sjaschoolny.net. She is our Technology teacher and will help with any technical issues.

Students should log in and answer the attendance assignment each day between 9AM and 11AM. Teachers will be online at this time to answer any questions the students may have regarding any assignments. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT STUDENTS SIGN IN AND COMPLETE THE ATTENDANCE ASSIGNMENTS DURING THIS TIME. The school will have to report attendance numbers during this time. For Grades 3 to 8 to sign in they will need to add classes via class codes. I will post class codes in the teacher pages later today. Students have been taught how to do this as well. Again, if there is any difficulty please email our Technology teacher, Mrs. Lauterbach.

            I will try to post any information I receive, quickly, through OptionC and our school website. My email is principalsja11372@gmail.com. Please email me if you need anything. This is very new for all of us and I hope that it goes by quickly. I ask for your prayers and your patience. The students, teachers, staff and families have been in my prayers since I was hired to be principal at SJA. This is something we could have not foreseen and no amount of “principal/teacher/parent books” could have prepared us for this. I do know that we are a strong community and we love each other. So together we can get through this. I do hope to see you soon and tell the students I miss them already.

Yours in Christ,

Mr. Raffaele Corso

Letter From Mr. Corso Regarding Coronavirus

March 13, 2020


Dear St. Joan of Arc Families,


            We have just received word from the Office of the Superintendent of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens that all diocesan academies and schools will be closed from Monday, March 16, 2020 to Friday, March 20, 2020. As of now classes will resume on Monday March 23, 2020. Any announcement of further closures will be shared with you as soon as we receive them.


To continue to educate the children we have set up class pages on the SJA website. Go to https://sjaschoolny.org/ on the right side of the page there are four yellow boxes, click Class Pages, then find your child’s teachers’ name and click the name. You will be taken to the class page where you will find daily assignments from the teachers. The students are responsible to complete the work that will be collected upon our return. The assignments will be review material of the lessons from the last few weeks.


To ensure proper cleaning of the school I have spoken to our cleaning company and they will be using CDC approved products and procedures to clean the school building.


            I thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. Any more information I receive I will send out immediately. I hope that you and your families stay safe.


Yours in Christ,


Raffaele Corso

Mr. Raffaele Corso, Principal



Marzo 13, 2020

Querida familias de St. Joan of Arc School,



     Nosotros recibimos informacion de la Oficina del Superintendente de la Dioceses de Brooklyn y de Queens que todas las academias y escuelas van a cerrar apartir del Lunes, Marzo 16, 2020 hasta el Viernes Marzo 20, 2020. Por el momento las clases retomaran el Lunes Marzo 23, 2020. Algun anuncio sobre el cierre sera compartido con todas las familias apenas llegue a nuestra oficina.



    Para continuar con la educacion de los estudiantes hicimos una pagina para cada clase in nuestra pagina web principal SJA website. Vayan a https://sjaschoolny.org/ en el lado derecho estan cuatro cajas en Amarillo, haga click Class Pages, despues buscar el nombre de la maestra de su hija/hijo. Sera llevado a la pagina de la clase donde encontrara las asignaciones de los maestros. Los estudiantes son encargados de completer el trabajo y sera colectado al regreso a clases.Las asignaciones seran repasadas al retomar las clases.


     Para asegurar la limpieza apropiada de la escuela me comunique con la compañia de limpieza personalmente y van a usar quimicos CDC aprobados para una adecuada desinfeccion.


     Les agradesco su paciensia y entendimiento in esta situation tan importante. Si en algun momento recivo mas informacion se las comunicare de inmediato. Espero que usted y su familia se mantengan a salvo.






Estas en Cristo,

Raffaele Corso


Sr. Raffaele Corso, Principal


Pre-K 4 Classes Celebrated 100 Days of School

The Pre-K 4 Classes celebrated their 100th Day of School. Crowns, capes, charts, and necklaces were used for the children to count to 100. “It’s a big number!” said Tri, one of our students. The students and teachers had a wonderful time in celebrating and counting!



Catholic Schools Week: Auxiliary Bishop Raymond Chappetto Visits Queens Students

By Tim Harfmann Currents News- Net TV

On Jan. 28, students at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy in Middle Village and Saint Joan of Arc School in Jackson Heights, Queens, showed their appreciation for their Catholic education and the values they receive.

On the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas —  patron of Catholic schools — Brooklyn Auxiliary Bishop Raymond Chappetto visited the two schools and spoke with 800 students. 

Bishop Chappetto described the saint as  “a wonderful role model for our students in terms of his learning and his holiness he was gifted with great wisdom.”

“And at the same time he was gifted with a great sense of holiness,” he said. 

At Our Lady of Hope, Bishop Chappetto toured the classrooms as students learned using iPads and Smartboards.

“Attending a Catholic school allows me to grow in my faith, and being here it’s helped me make so many friendships and so many great memories,” explained Samantha Kelly, and eight grader at the school.

“I’d want to go to a Catholic high school and continue my faith because it is very good here, and I’m pretty sure it will be even better in high school,” added fellow classmate Gianna D’Arienzo, a sixth grader. 

At Saint Joan of Arc, students performed songs and read essays about what they’ve been learning.

“I value discipline and religion,” said Carol Gomes, a seventh grader at St. Joan of Arc, “and it’s such an important thing in Catholic schools. And I really like and admire that about it.”

The year’s Catholic Schools Week motto: learn, serve, lead, succeed.

“Religion is very important when it comes to a person’s life, and when you’re learning that, learning more about your faith, it helps you a lot,” Carol added. 

The desire to grow in their Catholic education tomorrow is there, thanks to seeds planted today.

Catholic Schools Week


National Catholic Schools Week (CSW) is an annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. Now entering its 46th anniversary year, CSW has traditionally been held the last week in January. From January 26 to February 1, 2020, we will still host the traditional Celebrate Catholic Schools Week. Schools typically observe the week with Masses, assemblies and other activities for students, families, parishioners and community members to celebrate and congratulate. Make CSW your own and share your ideas with other schools using #CSW20. This year’s theme is Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.

This year St. Joan of Arc will be participating in Catholic Schools Week. Below is a list of dates and times of the activities we are planning for the week:

Sunday, January 26, 2020– Open House 10:00am- 1:00pm

We will be hosting an open house for prospective parents. If you have family or friends that are searching for a school please share this information with them. Teachers, parents and students will be on hand to give tours of the school.

Monday, January 27, 2020– National Pride Day- Teachers and students may come to school representing the United States or the country of origin of their families. Students in Grades 4-8 must write a paragraph or two as to why they are proud to be American or why they are proud to celebrate their heritage. PreK to 3rd grades can write a sentence or draw a picture. Students do not have to dress in any official costume but can just wear the national colors of the country.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020– The Most Reverend Bishop Raymond Chappetto, D.D., V.G., Visits SJA – School Assembly 1:00PM in gymnasium. All students are to be in full school uniform. Families are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020– Student Appreciation Day- Students will receive Free Ice Cream at lunch and other rewards.

Open House 9:00am- 11:00am. We will be hosting an open house for prospective parents. If you have family or friends that are searching for a school please share this information with them. Teachers, parents and students will be on hand to give tours of the school.

PreK-3 to 4th Grade- Pajama Day- Students in these grades may wear their pajamas to school.

Grades 5-8 Crazy Sock/Hat Day- Students may dress down but must be showing crazy socks or wearing a crazy hat.

Thursday, January 30, 2020– Be A Good Neighbor Day

Catholic Schools Week School Mass 9:00am- Families welcome to attend.

SJA will take up a school wide collection of money to be sent to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Students should also be encouraged to do a random act of kindness throughout the day for a classmate or someone else. All students must be in uniform to attend mass.

Friday, January 31, 2020– Teacher Appreciation Day

We Love Literature Day- Students bring in their favorite book and can dress up as their favorite literary character and present in class.